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African SME Library

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Establishment of SME Library in all of the African countires ,the SME library will provide ICT ,Information,InerAfrica Trade, books , Training Program ,Loans, Continental SME database ,B2B , interAction between SME from different African coutnries .Creating a true African platform for Public Individuals and Enterpreneurs with SME Companies from Africa ,by bringing them at the Library as members

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This project will be self sustaining,All SME library centres will generate income , each individual SME or person in each african country becomes a member of the SME Library ( SME library in Botswana, SME Library in Angola , SME Library in South Africa , this will unlock the finacial Investment powers of our people and will stimulate puplic/private investments , by encouranging each member to pay a U$ 10.00 to enter the library , for U$10.00 he/she gets Internet acces , books ,space to operate from ,wide range of sample Inustry produce from each african country , how it is produced ? and will also be linked to other african potential invstors via a database in each SME Library. There will be an SME Library in each African country all linked via Video Conferencing , online social network and staff from different african countries . The SME Library's are totally in the business of providing Business Information and Investment opportunities , plus trade link fascilitation and are going to generate money in this manner . for example in Namibia, the SME Library will have 500 members only , each contibuting monthly U$10.00 x 500members = U$ 5000 per month is enough to self sustain such as Centre and keep it maintanance , salaries and new product development which are client driven . Other envisaged services to be added will be Tailormade services such as money transfer for families ( for example Zimbambweans living in South africa can send money back home through our Centres ) this will unlock the finances that Africa has and keep it within the continent . Product substitution for instance giving companies options to invest as a group of Africans in a certaing venture which would benefit all of them , by not importing from outside the continent . The whole idea is just to Trap all of the Capital outflow from the continent to keep it tarped and circulating within Africa.
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The social impacts are evidence in the fact that , the business issues where alwys confined to those in the business sector , but here come an idea of a open business library where everyone has acces to all kinds of business related issies , this is the business library which will operated more like a small comunity stock exchnage but the difference is that people are not investing in shares but are investing in Knowledge i, information and skills , plus developing new tools for themeselves and changing the businessgame as we know it , ithin the social impact will be felet by those SME's who never thoght they could hacve acces to certain information but find out that there is such information availabel and they only haveto take it and implement it , and tailor make it to their situation , which is the idea of the SME library to brealk old rulea and inroduce
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In each country we are going to need an amount of U$50.000 to build the SME library . we are in need of U$ 2 million to set up a SME library in all of the African Countries . It should be located in the densely populated area , and it should be closer to the Central business district where everyone has acces . The amount to be spent on ICT and Furniture is U$10000 . In Namibia we need U$60.000 for the project . In Botswana we only need U$ 10.000 because we are going to Lease the properties . In Uganda we are going to build and in Moroco we are going to build as well .This SME Libraries will act as trade missions amongst the African SME's as well as Investment houses between SME's and the Public & aspiring enterpreneurs. This is the place where Public Private can sit and meet abou with SME

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A lot of public individuals in Africa , want to invest a bit of their income into the markets so that this funds grow and bring good returns , but the challenges is that most investment houses are not so accesible to the majority of Africa masses , therefore a lot of opportunity is lost in terms of public money ( wages ) We want to bring the two together, how can profit making with that money and pay it back with interest , there are no alternative means of raising public money for private sector usage , especially in previousley disadvanged communities . The SME Library is a good start for the masses to at least to drive such a process . our request is to alow the public to pay for a membership card ,which is just a start to see the willingness of individuals to invest their hard earned U$ 1.00 or U$ 2.00 for a service thats going to benefit them and their children , through the provission of free ICT services , business books , audio visual/video conferencing , business advise , trade links , and shared inestments in projects that are viable within africa, that are identified by the indiviul members themeselves . There are very little information to understand the power of civil servants in africa , when it comes to group savings , for instance with an aim to expand into new venture that are aimed at improving the living conditions of the people , for instance collective savings can be used to build a new shoping mall in a township , or Invest in new properties , in the form of housing needs /shortages ,or ven to invest this shared group savings int accomodation flats that are greatly need inthe community . Now with the SME Libray , we are going investgate such needs from the communities themeselves and focus their investments directly to adress that specif needs . For example we bussy constructing the Namibian Libray , 1) We have already 500 members signed up , contributing U$10.00 each = U$5000 x 12 = U$60.000 in one year . The benefits are numerouse to the members and the community as a whole . But we now have U$ 60.000 in membership fees . We asked the members , and they decided to spend the money on building accomodation flats becouse there is a shortage of flats in the town . The flats will generate income for the SME Library to be able to increase services to the members , it will also give a good lesson for the 500 membership , that they could only achieve such Infrastructure which is appreciating and earning income for them and increasing their benefits if they collectively paid U$ 10.00 monthly which has multiplied , what else can they build in this manner , perhaps a new school , new private hospital or perhaps a new municipal transport service which would benefit their investments throught increased dividents . Communities all over are collectively slving their problems and making business sense out of their problems by acting clectively . Our innitiative is unique becouse it carefully loks at the needs of members on the ground and ask them how we should direct their monthly contribution . This system should be replicated after a few years on how pension funds are used , and how the majority contibuters should benefit from investments made by the pension fund administrators on their behalf . For example the namibian Government owned , GIPF or Governemnt Institution Fund has 4 billion N$ this year and many more billions in Assets . the question is , How come this money is not used by the contributers to the fund who are Government Employees to build a new clinic in the village or build an old age home for themselves

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Asymmetry of information, Lack of SME access to skills / knowledge / markets, Unavailability of financial products tailored to SME needs, Lack of institutional capacity of financial intermediaries.

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savings and community contribution for one purpose , by adressing and solving the very core needs of our people through a PPP intitative such as this one . The only way is to bring both groups together and see how mcuh we can compromise to get the results we are all longing for and the SME library is the only innitiative that is truelly looking at developing a way that people can overcome their fear of the big terms used in the financial sectors and they can focus on learning about this terms , this barier of financial terms need to be done away so that SME and future enterpreneurs can know that the finacial markets are for everyone wether you want invest a monthly U$10.00 you can do that without fear of the usual of capital jargon , that our africans are currently experiencing . Also we want people to look at the opprtunity of financial gain , which is done in ahonest manner , 1) overcoming the financial jargon , through making accesible business magazines , seminars and workshops , reading materialls in all forms , including ICT , video conferencing to everyone , and the only way we can make sure everyone has such opportunity is through membership paymenys , this means , our shareholders in the SME library are the members themeselves , just for them to own the SME Library fascility is an investment in itself , this is the first investment they have made in their life , who are the members , domestic owrkers , public servents , teachers , nurses , SME's , aspirring enterpreneurs with god ideas bring everyone on board and inter exchanging the information and ideas and also playing as matchmakers betweel public and private individuals who are members through a libray system is the most convenient place , more then at the cafe or university , or any other institution , thats why it is so important to establish this SME library's becouse its not the average place you will find business dealings . but its a great place to exchange ideas and knowledge , and its also a great place to breack old bariers . and we are laso going to be for everyone , doesnt matter , it is also agreat palce to store and give out information to SME or to test triall some ideas , or to communicate with others in another african country through our video conferencing audi vissual room . the structure itself will be constructed in such a way that it reflects a business set up , with glass doors and clean open spaces for relax and great atmosphere so that the notion of lack of space or a proper facssility for business is not going to be experienced , secondly we are going to stock allof the information in the world through datad bases and inter connected system with one another , so whatever an sme want in namibia , botswan he can get or in uganda he/she can get it via our library . other activities such as feasibility studies are going to be provide through our network of consultants , we are also going to discuss solutions to the lack of tailor made financial products in respective countries and hopefully come up with solutions that reflect the reality of our people in africa , the majority who are strugling farmers or teachers with low income , or nurses etc , tailor made solutions for SME's , tailor made parnerships between Public and private individual business people , tailormade solutions between country to country within africa solutions , and tailor made solutions for women groups etc with good returns on their investments or what ever product is developed it should benefit the membership .

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The business idea has been succesfull in namibia , were our company has registered over 500 registered SME library usesr , giving us a total income of N$ 100 equals to U$ 10.00 as membership fee : N$ 100 x 500 = N$ 50.000 per month and will give us N$ 50.000 x 12 = N$600,000 which is used to keep us up and running while providing essential services to SME's , potential enterp[reneurs , Public at large . It is working becouse the community mebers benefit , the SME's benefit , the other investors are learning much faster under one roof , geting everything prepared under one umbrela the SME Libray , there is no need to run around for information or for ICT services , they are all under one roof information packages . Also as SME the library provides meetings with profesionals and projects could be discussed and fascilitated in our Libray with staff support . the proof i

How many firms do you expect to reach?

We are targeting all of the business comunity to have a membership card of our library becouse this is tailormade solution for an african information and acces to information proble in the business sector so i am expecting in each country to have individual enetrepreneurs as members , SME's as mebers and other big coorporations as members 1000 x 30 countries ,in each country 1000 members each coun

What is the volume of private SME finance you aim to catalyze?

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What time frame will be required to reach these targets?

To reach membership targets is the easy part , I think the challenge is to keep re-inventing ourselves each year to make sure we are still serving the purpose that our members are desiring , becouse with such a large mebership you need to create returns that are worthwile for eachj person who is spending his /her money on being a member , investing in wining ventures whcih will see the SME library grow into a much investment house for the poor farmers , or teachers , or the average school leaver with a small business needing venture capital , how can we adice him so that in 2 or 3 years he can see his returns and say that it was worthwhile joining the SME Library , we are going to build all of the libraries within a period of 2 to 3 years in each country in partnership local SME's, comerce

Does your solution seek to have an impact on public policy?


What would prevent your solution from being a success?

It raises the critical issues of how Chambers of comerce should reprsent the SME sector and how affecting have they been in providing their mebers with prompt acurate facts and adat on business dealing , since its their duty and it als raises questions about the ability for individual SME's to overcome trade bariers in each africa country in order to to business with another coutry , with the increase in this activities between mebers of the SME library we see a shift intrade bariers and perhaps change the way goods and srvices are moving between african country's and also the issue of funding should come out clearly when SME start interlending and joint ventures amongs each other , there might even be a new way of public sector employees invest in SME 's this are new policy's where the public can invest directly into promiising SME's from which they will benefit becouses

List all the funding sources that are required for the sustainability of this solution

We are going to need finacial support form the African development bank to succed in this project we are also ging too need every U$10.00 for each membership to carryu out self sustsinabilty of each library in each country this will make it more viable and more sense if it can sustain and create profit thrugh the varoiues services we are going to provide either through consultancy . but the most important is the flow of information for the african SME and for them to trade with one another . We are going to ask for funding to kick start off the procces in souther africa with the help of LOAN from the internationa lenders , approximately U$ 2 million

Demonstrate how your proposed solution has the capacity to graduate from dependence on public finance. What is the time frame?

yes we might face out public contribution sthrough membership cards and move to another level of venture capitalis or an investimne house for up coming african sme that have potential for growth in an ever expanding african market , please our main focus is on the african markets and how we can exppend this SME in the african market first before thinking about growing globally , and seting up such fasciulities and expanding on our income generating services which is not membershp as we are currently hoping this will sustain us in the first two years but will face out in the near future .

Demonstrate how your proposed solution will survive a potential loss of its largest private funding source

Yes , we are not just going to depend on the loan we are going toget but we are going to diverce to keep our activities going even thow we do not have fixed income , but we are going to operate on a business principal of amking profit first no matter what we are going to generate our own profit .

Please tell us what kind of partnerships, if any, could be critical to the greater success and sustainability of your innovation

I am loking for partnership that is going to act as a mentor type of partner this shuld be a much larger company in the USA that specialises in informatio selling and the use of information to expand new markets or new teritories and it shoul also know the AFRICAN MARKET VERY WELL .I think it is also critical to have sate of the art communications equipment in our libraries for easy communication amongst the countries in which we are going to operate becouse some of this countries do not have proper structures in IT so we realy need to have good comunication equipment . wed are seeking partbers in the arean of social networking to design an intereactive network webside were all of the SME library can comunicate freely and allow the flow of information freely .

Are there non-financial issues that could threaten the sustainability of your proposed solution?

Language is another barier , but i thnik that is sorted out . stability in the countries we are going to perate are crotical if we are to succes and peace is to be maintained usually SME do flourish

Please tell us if your proposed solution aims to scale up through a high growth sector, expand immediately to multiple sectors, and/or scale up geographically

We are going to scal up through the expansion into the countries such as Botswana , south africa and the whole of southern africa and then move to east africa and central africa and the north africa .