CEIO's Hop-Step-Jump (HSJ) Solution

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CEIO's Hop-Step-Jump (HSJ) Solution

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Ceio after having an agreement with two local banks to act as custodians of funds that may be placed with them, invites all willing Ghanaian to deposit a minimum of US$8.00 into any of the two banks in the name of Ceio and submit a copy of the pay-in slip to Ceio. The monies being deposited are pooled and used as group collateral upon which Ceio will stand to borrow money for any SME member

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The fact remains that people want to work. Some even know what to do. Their problem is finance and we remove this problem by putting them under the umbrella of Ceio's HSJ cash collateral plan which promises to grow into a mutual fund. The amount of money needed to join the HSJ plan is so unique. The plan grows into a mutual fund for all those who will come. Anybody, man, woman, even school children are welcome. The Ceio HSJ loan finance plan has on its mind, the total elimination of funding problems for SME's. There already exists an NGO-Createat International Organization to manage the HSJ finanacial plan. The NGO invites people to become job creating affiliates. Two people are selected at random to from the affiliates which might be an SME or an individual to become signatories to the HSJ fund accounts. The affiliates are required by the NGO to deposit a small sum of money- in Ghana- a minimum of GHC10 equivalent to US$8.00 into the NGO's account with two local banks. These monies are pooled and become collateral to guarantee any affiliate by virtue of Ceio to borrow money from the banks holding these collateral funds. The monies are not to be cashed but are invested into treasury bills, real estates, agro-plantations and other government financial instruments, to maximize return. The NGO sets up management teams to help the affiliates do their business by guiding them in their investment choices. Ceio plans to amortize or pay off all the monies borrowed within 5 years after which HSJ will become a mutual fund with the deposits of affiliates becoming mutual fund shares.
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We are fully aware of the struggle of men and women in Ghana for loan capital to do business. Such a scheme us ours, making loan access a matter of course, will be a great relief and a mighty moral booster. Women will not need to exchange anything for loans. Africans especially Ghanaian will be saved from death especially on the Sahara desert and on the Mediterranean sea in an attempt of crossing over to Italy and Spain because there will now be access to funds to start up or boost their businesses locally.
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Createat International Organization
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Createat International Organization


, CE

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Createat International Organization

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+233245328896 +233244147769

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P.O. Box OK 191, Kasoa, Central Region-Ghana

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, CE

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Non-profit/NGO/Citizen-sector Organization

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, CE

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Less than $1 Million.

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Fewer than 5, 5-24.

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Fewer than 5----- US$800-1500 per each loan application within the 5year project period
5-24----- US$1500-3000 per each loan application within the 5year project period

What stage is your solution in?

Idea phase

How does your proposed innovation leverage public intervention in catalyzing private SME finance?

The leverage is in the fact that, public funds needed for SME financing will almost be freed from such task by the up-front colateral pooling. Instead of public finance efforts to help SME's which sometimes ends on political corridors and never get their monies paid back, our plan protects public finance from such losses.

What barriers does your proposed solution address?

Lack of collateral, Lack of financial capacity, Lack of SME access to skills / knowledge / markets, Unavailability of financial products tailored to SME needs, Lack of institutional capacity of financial intermediaries, High transaction costs for financial intermediaries to serve SMEs, General barriers to SME development related to investment climate, Lack of financing to women entrepreneurs.

If you checked any of these barriers, describe how your solution addresses them

1. Lack of Collateral: The pooling of very small amounts of money to borrow for SME's removes the individual lack
2. Lack of Financial Capacity: There seem to be a lack of financial capacity for SME's. Each time our people need funds, only a small number of people are served, even on political basis
3. Lack of SME access to skills / knowledge / markets: We intend giving those who come into our fold some support of training in the following areas; product identification, production planning and marketing plus a business set up organization.
4. Unavailability of financial products tailored to SME needs: Our banks don't seem to know of the existence of the SME's
5. Lack of institutional capacity of financial intermediaries: Those who come up to give SME's help don't seem to have time for the SME's. The banks simply have no time for small people. we will be devoted.
6. High transaction costs for financial intermediaries to serve SMEs: Bank charges are not understood by the SME borrowers. We know it is a necessary evil but since the people don't understand, we'll cushion them from the cure.
7. General barriers to SME development related to investment climate: As we have noted, the people have something to do, but for fund
8. Lack of financing to women entrepreneurs: Because the bulk of SME's are women, not very well educated, they don't even know how to go for fund. They will know us.

Provide empirical evidence of your proposed solution's success/impact at present. If your project is in the idea phase, please provide evidence that speaks to its potential impact

Until now, We have the full co-operation of the local banks and its the first step in this project.

How many firms do you expect to reach?

As many as come along

What is the volume of private SME finance you aim to catalyze?

From low US$3.6M - sky being the limit

What time frame will be required to reach these targets?

We envisage to get to the mutual fund level in 5 years after amortizing any loan contracted for our SME's

Does your solution seek to have an impact on public policy?


What would prevent your solution from being a success?

Now that we have the co-operation of the banks, what would be an issue to hinder the success of this project is to get the information into the understanding of the natives (SME's) of the country.

List all the funding sources that are required for the sustainability of this solution

The funding sources are three:
1. The peoples' seed money in the pool
2. The banks' money borrowed
3. Support from other donors such as the G-20 and the Ashoka's Changemakers and their partners.

Demonstrate how your proposed solution has the capacity to graduate from dependence on public finance. What is the time frame?

CEIO's HSJ is sure to let all those who come under the umbrella to finish paying whatever they borrow within 5 years. We have our money in treasury bills, maximizing group interest, and the various investment piloted by CEIO would have matured to be self supportive - giving the impetus to get free to continue as a mutual fund.

Demonstrate how your proposed solution will survive a potential loss of its largest private funding source

Our survival will be upon agro-plantation of perennial tree crops which are reputed to yield guaranteed purchase price of minimum US$30,000.00 per acre and we intend putting up about 500 acres of such crops at the initial stage of our program. The plants are of 3 years gestation so we will start harvesting for the market at the 3rd, 4th and 5th years so we have 3 years of plantation cash which we hope together with our treasury bills and real estate investments, will bail us out of any storm.

Please tell us what kind of partnerships, if any, could be critical to the greater success and sustainability of your innovation

When we can have the G-20 and its affiliates backing us with fund and know-how, our success will be very much assured

Are there non-financial issues that could threaten the sustainability of your proposed solution?

Poor management could but CEIO has a determination that will motivate only success

Please tell us if your proposed solution aims to scale up through a high growth sector, expand immediately to multiple sectors, and/or scale up geographically

We have a global vision. The CEIO-HSJ idea is aimed to getting idle hands to work. Since it is only work that buys the 'bread', we wish to serve the world community