Pre-financing for machinery industry

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Pre-financing for machinery industry

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Specially in machine industry, creating a new system or machinery needs innovation. Also machinery producters need more fundings for innovation. In this project, machinery producters are supported by finance companies. With this support, they create new technologies. In a particular time, they exhibit the prototypes in a showroom.Finally after selling,they pay production costs to finance companies

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Machinery producters don't have huge fundings and showrooms. If this project works, they will have fundings before production costs. And they can exhibit their new machineries in showrooms. Because the competition is very hard in machinery sector. The machinery producters can not exhibit their products anywhere. The machinery technology is very important for firms and it is hidden information for them. Pre-financing solves the budget problem and showroom fixes the hidden product problem.
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200 companies heared the project. 150 companies accepted the pre-financing. 120 companies admitted for new patent rights. 100 companies exhibited their new products at the showroom. In five years Gaziantep machinery exportation increased to 2 billion dollars.
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Europe and Central Asia.

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2 Million USD

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2 million USD investments for each target firm.

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Our suppliers are the most established companies of machinery sectors and they are the producer of the high quality products. They are helding a very competitive position in the market with their quality and prices. On the other hand the involvement of foreign capital is highly encouraged in Turkey's privatisation program, South-East Anatolian Project (GAP) and major infrastructure projects. But they need more fundings, finance solutions for competition. SME finance is the best solution for them.

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Lack of collateral, Lack of financial capacity.

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In order to address the feedback received from international investors about the difficulties in Turkey's investment environment, the Government of Turkey in 2001 has launched a Reform Program to improve administrative procedures. The purpose of the Reform Program is to increase domestic and foreign investments by improving the investment environment. Thus, it is intended to prevent administrative obstacles faced during investments, to reduce or eliminate some unnecessary and repetitive bureaucratic transactions and to complete the procedures rapidly. By the way, machinery producters need more fundings and finance sources for pre-financing.

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The machinery industry in Turkey is largely composed of private companies rather than state‐run companies, which dominate many other sectors. Turkey has established itself not only as a major producer of machinery ($20 billion USD in 2006), but also as a major market for machinery sales. Turkey is listed among the 10 largest markets in Europe for machinery, with roughly $28 billion USD in sales. Most manufacturers are located in Istanbul, Konya, Ankara, İzmir and Gaziantep. In this project, they deserve to support for pre-financing and showrooms. It will increase their technologies and exportings.

How many firms do you expect to reach?

There are 200 machinery companies in Gaziantep/Turkey. We expect 150 firms to reach with this project.

What is the volume of private SME finance you aim to catalyze?

It is a pre-financing project. We estimate, the volume is 60 percent for each firm.

What time frame will be required to reach these targets?

1-5 years.

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Prejudgments, indifference of firms, management disadvantage, political changes.

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State encouragements, capital abstracts, trade communities.

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Turkey is among the largest 10 markets of machinery in Europe, with around $28 billion USD total machinery sales. The Turkish machinery industry has a wide product range. Today, the industry produces building machinery; heavy industrial machinery; machine tools; hand tools; drilling machines; pumps and compressors; textile machinery; food processing machinery; internal combustion engines and turbines; sewing machines; refrigerators; washing machines; dishwashers; valves; conveying and hoisting machines; cutting and bending machines; air conditioning units; woodworking machinery; boilers and burners. The industry is also capable of producing parts and accessories for the above‐mentioned machinery types. The share of the local inputs used in the production of these machineries is around 80 percent.

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The approach of The General Directorate of Foreign Investments will be helpful in Turkey for this project.

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The project will impact the middle east countries. Also machinery parts sector will have earnings with this project.