Unlocked! Phase 2 of Making More Health: Co-Creating a Healthier World

Unlocked! Phase 2 of Making More Health: Co-Creating a Healthier World

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Unlocked! Phase 2 of Making More Health: Co-Creating a Healthier World


For Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim, Co-Creation is a collaborative process where players from across different sectors - businesses, social sector, organisations, financial institutions or government bodies - come together to co-design and co-implement new or improved products and/or services that address essential needs of under-served populations.

During the Phase 1, entrants included a brief description of how they could imagine a win-win partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim to better serve unmet needs in health. We saw 157 entries from over 40 countries submit applications for solutions for Co-Creating a Healthier World, and crowned two early entry winners along the way.

Our team of reviewers have whittled these outstanding entries down to those which we think show the most promise of a Co-Creation opportunity with Boehringer Ingelheim. This coming Friday, we are excited to announce the next phase in this pioneering challenge, and invite those selected as Semi-Finalists to provide more details about their Co-Creation ideas and assess their readiness for Co-Creation.


Here's what happens next:  

Phase 2 - Co-Creation Ideas and Teams Convene

November 11 - December 16 2015

Semi-Finalists will have access to a Co-Creation Idea Entry Form, to describe how their project would increase its impact through a partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim.

At this stage, Semi-Finalists will have the opportunity to initiate Co-Creation conversations with Boehringer Ingelheim employees and other experts within the Making More Health network. The Ashoka team will also facilitate connections by matching Semi-Finalists with Boehringer Ingelheim employees that have complementary strengths and interests. (Matching is intended to encourage conversation, but all connections are voluntary.)

Co-Creation conversations will enable Semi-Finalists to solicit feedback on their Co-Creation Idea and connect with members of the network to better understand each other's unique assets. The conversations will serve as the starting point for forging Co-Creation Teams.

Semi-Finalists are encouraged to improve their entries, based on the Co-Creation conversations. By December 16, 2015, Semi-Finalists should have engaged their preferred Co-Creation Team members. Teams must have at least one Boehringer Ingelheim employee in order to be invited to participate in the final phase of the challenge.

At the end of this stage, entrants will submit their Co-Creation Idea Entry Form, including the names of their Co-Creation Team.


  • Semi-Finalists fill out a Co-Creation Idea Entry Form, complimenting their initial entry form.
  • Semi-Finalists have one-on-one and/or group conversations with Making More Health network experts and incorporate insights from these Co-Creation conversations into their entry forms.
  • Deadline to form a Co-Creation Team with at least one Boehringer Ingelheim employee, and to finalize the Co-Creation Idea Entry Form: December 16, 2015

A panel of Making More Health reviewers will select the top Co-Creation Ideas to advance to the final round of judging. To learn more about Phase 3 of the Making More Health: Co-Creating a Healthier World Challenge, click here.


Good Luck!