FreedomBox : تسليم المفتاح الخاص و المجهول و الاتصالات الامنة فى مربع , الولايات المتحدة الامريكية

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FreedomBox : تسليم المفتاح الخاص و المجهول و الاتصالات الامنة فى مربع , الولايات المتحدة الامريكية

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قسم المواطن
$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
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الحد الدنى من التكوين و التكنولوجيا الفائقة و الخصوصية على جهاز كمبيوتر منخفض الاستهلاك للكهرباء للمستخدمين النهائيين غير الخبراء.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Inherently, there is an assumption that the Internet can instantly facilitate cohesive communities, however, we have seen that this has not been the case. In many places, the network is frail. Access is ad-hoc, unreliable or incompatible. Crises render the network unreliable (Egypt or Syria), absent (Sendai) or even treacherous (China). Elsewhere, censorship, privacy invasion and lack of security restrict direct personal communication. A few web sites carry most internet communication. They steer interaction toward monetizable channels and toll-taking gatekeepers. They give your private communication to hostile governments. Social networking sites sell you, your personal data, and your social graph to advertisers in the guise of creating infrastructure that fosters community. Digital infrastructure is everywhere inadequate for safe, unmediated direct interpersonal communication. This inhibits cooperation and community organization. It prevents the kind of communities that make momentous social change in the face of powerful opposition and daunting obstacles.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

FreedomBox will put in people's own hands and under their own control encrypted voice and text communication, anonymous publishing, social networking, media sharing, and (micro)blogging. We need a robust, open network architecture to serve popular needs from the pipes up to the user. The solution is decentralized infrastructure so all the people on the network can communicate free of external or artificial barriers. Much of the software already exists: onion routing, encryption, virtual private networks, etc. There are tiny, low-watt computers known as plug servers to run this software. The hard parts is integrating that technology, distributing it, and making it easy to use without expertise. The harder part is to decentralize it so users have no need to rely on and trust centralized infrastructure. That's what FreedomBox is: we integrate privacy protection on a cheap plug server so everybody can have privacy. Data stays in your home and can't be mined by governments, billionaires, thugs or even gossipy neighbors. FreedomBox assembles robust software, makes that software work well together, and configures it to be as easy as possible to use. We provide that software for free under open source licenses to hardware vendors who install the software on low-cost plug servers, which they sell. Other people will download our software for free and install it themselves on their existing hardware (a spare netbook, perhaps). With FreedomBoxes in their homes, anybody, regardless of technical skill, can easily enjoy secure, private, even anonymous communication!
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

* Egyptian Democracy activists had trouble talking to demonstrators in the streets because the Mubarak regime shutdown parts of the internet as well as many cellular networks. If your internet plug is pulled, the box will use mesh routing to talk to other boxes like it. If any of them can get a packet across the border, they all can. * The US government famously sought information about internal WikiLeaks communications from Twitter and other social websites. By moving our communication from centralized monoliths to decentralized servers in our homes, we protect our data from government prying. * Many whistleblowers and dissidents need to anonymously talk to media and the public. With the FreedomBox, they can use VOIP to encrypt telephone calls and can create anonymous web servers over TOR to publish documents. Anonymous instant messaging or microblogging are also possible. * FreedomBoxes are encrypted web proxies. Boxes in uncensored countries can bounce signals for users stuck behind censorship walls---each one is a tiny crack in the Great Firewall. Chinese users could surf the entire net free from government eavesdropping. * FreedomBoxes are useful on a daily personal level too. That same proxy technology can scrub web sites of ads and tracking technology as you use them, thus protecting your privacy. FreedomBoxes help you encrypt your email. They also know who your friends are and can back up your data in encrypted form to their FreedomBoxes. You can get your data back even if you don't know your password. Even absent a crisis, privacy matters.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

FreedomBox has no competitors. Projects exist to make individual parts of the FreedomBox, but nobody seeks an integrated solution to address a broad range of privacy, anonymity and security needs. Those individual projects are our partners, not our competitors. Their success is vital to our mission, because the open source technology they create powers the FreedomBox. Peers include Tor, PageKite, Mesh Potato,, Diaspora, Tahoe, Friendika, and Commotion. All these projects have interoperability as their goal, and when they are deployed on computers that are not FreedomBoxes, our users benefit from the network effects. Projects exist to deploy meshes to disaster sites. This is difficult. Our approach is daily utility so the mesh is present when disaster strikes. Additional mesh capability deployed by such projects would of course improve the network. There are also entrenched social networking websites that people use despite their lack of respect for privacy. We won't move recalcitrant users off those websites but will instead empower those who want a more secure alternative. FreedomBox will have to interoperate with established services like Facebook and Twitter.
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FreedomBox Foundation

بلد المؤسسة

, NY, New York County

البلد الذي تعمل به هذه المؤسسة على إنشاء تأثير اجتماعي
كم مضى على عمل مؤسستك؟

تعمل منذ أقل من سنة

المعلومات التي تقدمها هنا ستُستخدم لملء أي جزء من أجزاء ملفك الشخصي التي تم تركها فارغة، مثل الاهتمامات ومعلومات المؤسسة وموقع الويب. لن تتاح أية معلومات اتصال بشكل عام. الرجاء إلغاء تحديد المربع هنا إذا كنت لا تريد حدوث هذا..

حدد الهدف الذي ينطبق بشكل مثالي على الحل الذي تقدمه:

بدء (إصدار تجريبي قد بدأ تشغيله للتو)

كم مضى على عملك؟

تعمل منذ أقل من سنة

التأثير الاجتماعي
قصة التأسيس: نود السماع عن اللحظة التي حققت فيها ما تصبو إليه. شارك قصة المكان والزمان الذي رأي فيه المؤسسون القدرات الكامنة في هذا الحل والتي تؤهله لتغيير العالم.

Our Aha came from a few sources. Eben Moglen identified centralization of communication infrastructure as the big privacy and anonymity threat. Ian Sullivan and James Vasile were investigating how plug servers suit a range of home applications. All three are passionately interested in returning control of our digital lives to individuals.

Eben pulled these threads together and presented them to the world in a talk entitled "Freedom In the Cloud". It was watched by a couple hundred people that night, and later many thousands via web video. Volunteers translated it into many languages and suddenly the geek world was buzzing.

As the Arab Spring spread, the value of protected, reliable communication was immediately obvious as governments sought to prevent protesters from reaching each other and the world. FreedomBox as Democracy tool was the Aha moment for a lot of our supporters and we gained national media attention that brought us many dedicated team members.

WikiLeaks showed how whistleblowers and dissidents need much the same infrastructure, and the FreedomBox can serve a range of users, from normal individuals to freedom fighters.

Every day is Aha on this project!

حدد كلاً من عمق التأثير الاجتماعي للحل وحجمه إلى اليوم.

Our project is still in the pilot stage, but we've already had an impact on a lot of people. About 100 people have built prototypical FreedomBoxes: plug servers loaded with existing software to protect their privacy. These boxes do onion routing, strip web traffic of malicious content, provide secure VPNs and do a host of other things, each suited to the needs of its builder.

More broadly, our goals extend beyond creation of FreedomBoxes. Step one is raising awareness of privacy, anonymity and security issues while showing people that technology exists to address those issues.

Many thousands of people have watched speeches by Eben Moglen, James Vasile, Bdale Garbee and a long list of our community members. In those speeches, we have raised awareness of how centralized architecture threatens privacy. And we have helped people understand that if they band together they can do something about it.

The proof of impact is in the thousands of individual donors to our project and the thousands of people who have written to the Foundation and participated in our email lists. We are a young project, but people have responded to us with amazing efforts and enthusiasm.

ما هو التأثير المخطط له في المستقبل خلال 1-5 سنوات؟ هل فكرتك قابلة لإعادة التنفيذ؟ إذا كان الأمر كذلك، فكيف؟

We create open source software. Our workflow upstreams all our technology to the Debian project, which will make it instantly available on the millions of Debian-installed computers worldwide. Anybody can build a FreedomBox from our work. They can use an existing Debian computer, toss it on an old laptop or buy one pre-configured off the shelf fromone of several vendors. We have begun talking to industry partners about putting FreedomBox technology in a variety of small home computers, from set-top cable boxes to home automation devices.

Our goal is to see tens of thousands of FreedomBoxes in a couple dozen countries within five years. Also within 5 years, I would like to see the Freedom Stack provide one major user-facing social application with secure, decentralized communication.

تقدم المشاركات الفائزة خطة قوية عن الطريقة التي سيحققون بها النمو ويضعون بصمتهم عليه. حدد المرحلة المنشودة على مدار ستة أشهر لإنماء تأثيرك.

Working Groups (inc. UX) integrating, producing software, documentation and an early feature release on working hardware.

المهمة الأولى

Develop high-level user experience vision. Begin executing that vision throughout project.

المهمة الثانية

Develop common user interface system. Begin integrating software into that system.

المهمة الثالثة

Continue packaging, testing and developing privacy-respecting software on our hardware.

والآن فكر بتوسع أكبر! حدد مرحلة التأثير على مدار 12 شهرًا.

1.0 Release!

المهمة الأولى

Complete a working wireless router with at least three high-quality privacy-respecting features.

المهمة الثانية

Polish documentation and translate it into a dozen languages.

المهمة الثالثة

User-interface testing with naive end-users.

كم عدد الأشخاص الذين تأثروا بمشروعك؟ لن يؤثر هذا العدد في مشاركتك، ولكننا نريد منك فقط معرفة النقطة التي وصل إليها ابتكارك في مرحلته الحالية.


وبعد ذلك، كم عدد الأشخاص الذينربما يتأثرون بمشروعك في الثلاث سنوات القادمة؟ كن واقعيًا، لكن كن طموحًا!

أكثر من 10000

التنمية المستدامة
اشرح كيفية تنظيم شركتك أو برنامجك أو خدمتك أو منتجك.

غير ربحي

ما العوائق التي حالت دون نجاح مشروعك حتى اليوم؟ كيف تخطط للتغلب عليها وعلى التحديات الأخرى في طريقك لتنمية الحل الذي تسعى إليه؟

User experience is the most difficult and important problem we face, and we have not yet managed to build an expert team of volunteers to tackle it. We seek funding to, among other things, hire innovative designers who can develop a vision of a unified FreedomBox interface and then help us execute that vision.

Integrating disparate software and connecting it to our Freedom Stack (a library that provides easy, interoperable APIs for decentralized private communication) and our UI is difficult. We cannot possibly tackle all the services FreedomBox might offer. Our approach is to encourage community work on the parts people are passionate about while building support to enable that community work to succeed.

كيف ترى التحول في قطاعات تقنية المعلومات والوسائط خلال العقد التالي؟ كيف سيتم تكييف الحل لعكس البيئة المتغيرة؟ كيف يمكن أن يكون الحل الذي توفره دافعًا

The inexorable pressure of capital will continue to drive network infrastructure toward centralized, stratified architectures. At the same time, the pressure of competition will continue to require APIs for interoperability. Privacy will increasingly be illegal.

As those structures solidify their gains and extend their empires, we will distribute our boxes and develop our privacy-respecting alternatives. Peoploe will have the tools to seize control over their own digital lives, and the ones who value freedom will take that control.

لا يعد الإخفاق دومًا نهاية المطاف. في حال إخفاق الحل الذي توفره في اكتساب وضع قوي في

FreedomBox is 100% open source, upstreamed into Debian and spread across many other projects. Much of our work will develop without us even if we disappeared tomorrow. Now that we have gathered a community in one place and concentrating on this idea, people will ultimately build FreedomBoxes of one kind or another, with or without us.

Also, our project includes several independent milestones. If our user interface layer is as good as we intend, it will be usable in many other projects. Likewise, if the Freedom Stack is good, it will outgrow us and underpin many other services.

If we have been too ambitious and need to retreat to a simpler idea, we will make simple privacy-oriented wireless routers with a few features and let it grow slowly and chaotically from there.

توسع في اختياراتك، شارحًا كيف ستستمر في الحصول على التمويل.

FreedomBox is supported by public donations. We have raised over $100,000 USD from thousands of individuals. Public support for us is enthusiastic and if we produce results we know we public support will continue.

We plan as well to seek foundation and governmental funding. The work we do is very much in the public spirit and has the capacity to produce great change.

A mature FreedomBox with a large install-base will present opportunities for hardware and digital service vendors to build businesses related to the FreedomBox functionality. We believe some of those businesses will support us as an investment in a profitable and continually developing ecosystem.

أخبرنا عن شراكاتك:

We are supported by the Software Freedom Law Center, where our President, Executive Director and Project Manager are all employed (and given time to work on FreedomBox). We work closely with Tor. We cooperate with dozens of free software projects, sharing people, technology and ideas.

We have close relations with GlobalScale (they make plug servers) and Marvell (they make the chips that go in the servers). Those partnerships will ensure that our code ships pre-installed on consumer goods and that we can design for future editions of those servers.

ما نوع الفريق (موظفون، متطوعون، وما إلى ذلك) الذي سيضمن تحقيقك لمراحل النمو المحددة في القسم التأثير الاجتماعي؟

FreedomBox is volunteer-driven. Unpaid staff: President, Executive Director, CTO and Project Manager. Volunteers: dozens of translators, a 5-person technical advisory board, scores of developers and documentarians. All of those people are unpaid.

We have one paid part-time community facilitator. And we need the executive director to become a full time staffer to manage this immense volunteer effort. We will likely need to hire a user experience designer, as that need has not been met with volunteer resources.

يعد منتدى Changemakers مكانًا تعاونيًا ومساندًا. الرجاء تحديد أي موارد للمجتمع ستحتاجها لإنماء مبادرتك ودعمها. [حدد جميع ما ينطبق]

الاستثمار, الموارد البشرية/المواهب, التسويق/وسائل الإعلام.

حدد أي موارد ربما تقدمها لدعم مبادرات أخرى. [حدد جميع ما ينطبق]

الموارد البشرية/المواهب, التسويق/وسائل الإعلام, البحث/المعلومات, التعاون/الشبكات, برنامج مساعدة Pro-bono (قانوني، مالي، وما إلى ذلك)., الابتكار/الأفكار.

الرجاء شرح أي متطلبات أو عروض ذكرتها سابقًا بالتفصيل و/أو اقتراح فئات الدعم التي لم يتم تحديدها ضمن القائمة.

FreedomBox grows out of the Software Freedom Law Center, where we have been providing pro bono legal services to open source projects for the last 6 years. We talk to everybody in the culture/tech sharing world and are always happy to help good ideas reach the right people for collaboration.

عرف شركتك أو برنامجك أو خدمتك أو منتجك في جملة أو جملتين باختصار.

FreedomBox is turn-key privacy, anonymity and security services and social applications on *your* server in *your* home.