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<on the move> invites citizens of all ages to engage each other in public spaces. Our project is both a work of public art and an implement for creating spontaneous and ephemeral works of art in public spaces. We would like to use this opportunity to create permanent musical installations at city bus stations. Bus stations are already gathering places for city residents. Our musical installations will transform the passive activity of waiting into an opportunity to create and engage in musical activity with our neighbors, and fosters exchange of musical ideas between people who may have different musical preferences. Our project showcases themes that are important to youth, namely environmental ethics and musical innovation. It celebrates public transportation and incorporates reused materials, not in the sense of making a statement about reuse, but, rather, presents a seamless environmental ethic that re-purposes materials. Musical innovations unfold with an algorithmic simplicity as time and circumstance recombine transit riders at the stations where installations are present.
Our project capitalizes on a key feature of youth interactions, namely, their openness to new social possibilities and easiness in communicating with new people. The product of this project creates an opportunity to highlight quality and to nurture productive directions in the spontaneity of these interactions.

What will be the impact of your idea?

Our project will create a new social dynamic and transmute perceptions of public spaces. While it is certainly possible appreciate the beauty of an instrument as an object, the purposefulness of its form insists on engagement. Engaging in both playful and serious ways should be a key feature of our public spaces. Transit users who choose to engage these music making forms will add beauty to their day, the lives of passersby and create opportunities to create new bonds with other members of the community. These relationships can have a subtle influence on the role that mundane transit stops can play in our social interactions and our community ties.

We will work with students at every stage of design process from salvaging materials and design to installation. We will set aside a portion of the funds to sponsor a design competition using the materials chosen by students and are also found suitable for the weather. The winner(s) will receive a small scholarship and have their design installed at a public transit stop. The inclement weather imposes a formidable creative challenge for producing durable designs that are sonically pleasing and inviting to play.

What will it take to launch your idea? How will you secure community support and youth participation?

We require permissions from the city and Port Authority to install a musical sculpture. We will require a dedicated workshop with electricity and possibly some metalworking tools that we do not already own. We will use the design competition to generate youth participation, which we will advertise through high schools, vocational schools and pertinent community organizations. Reused materials typically carry a very low price tag. The workshop, labor and design competition will be our biggest expenses. We have found community support to be forthcoming for all of our projects thus far. We anticipate completing this project with the funds available through this competition.

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The Pythagorean Junk Band Orchestra teaches afterschool workshops building musical instruments from reused materials. Our students have produced bottlecap tambourines, coffee can berimbaus, cigarbox guitars, mbiras with bicycle spokes and pvc flutes. Our students have exhibited in galleries and performed at selected venues. This summer we will be building a thongaphone in the courtyard of the Millvale Public Library. We also host events for adults to show off their talents and inventiveness for building musical instruments. Since many of the youth we work with have little to no musical training, we have a niche specialty for building instruments and ensembles with unusual tunings, so that the music never sounds out of key (which may be an important feature for instruments at bus stops). We have and are developing relationships with a number of youth organizations across the city, including Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, The Lighthouse at Westinghouse, and the Millvale Public Library. This is an opportunity for us to expand our outreach. We will notify art classes,