Agentura GAIA

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Agentura GAIA

Czech Republic
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Marie Haisova is spearheading a movement to address the poor state of the urban environment in the Czech Republic by empowering women to take a leading role in the transformation of urban landscapes.

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Alarmed by the poor state of the environment in urban areas in the Czech Republic, Marie Haisova has launched an aggressive campaign to plant trees and reduce pollution in the capital city of Prague and other major urban areas such as Brno. Marie has linked this project with another of her concerns--the passivity and marginalization of women and their lack of representation in the Czech environmental movement. In response to both challenges, Marie has developed a program that specifically targets mothers of young children and encourages them to become involved in a neighborhood campaign to plant trees on their streets and organize local campaigns for new parks and green areas. She has found that most mothers are concerned about the environment their children grow up in and that all of them would like to see the provision for a more beautiful and healthy urban environment. Once the city environment has changed, people have an immediate, first-hand experience of successfully improving the area in which they live in and this fosters confidence and feelings of self-worth to many women who have not been active as citizens before.