The AIDs Support Organization

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The AIDs Support Organization

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Through TASO, Noerine has pioneered and led the way in Uganda's response to the HIV/AIDs scourge for over 30 years. Noerine founded TASO after the untimely death of her husband, who himself was a physician. Noerine and her husband were the first couple in Uganda to come out publicly about thier HIV/AIDs status thereby drawing around them a support group of other couples who were facing the same predicament. Following the death of her husband, Noerine avowed to "do something" about this disease before what she expected to be her own coming death. She then dedicated her effort for over 20 years into building TASO as the main institution for the wholistic support of HIV/AIDs affected families and victims. Today, TASO is widely considered the pioneer in this field and its model has informed Uganda's national response to the disease

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In the late 80's, early '90s HIV/AIDs was considered a homosexual disease or a curse and patients were subjected to severe stigma. Healthcare workers often refused to take care of HIV/AIDs patients, viewing them as wrong-doers. In addition, ARVs were not known at the time and a diagnosis of the deasease was usually taken as a death sentense.

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Noerine's new idea in 1987 was that HIV/AIDs is not a "curse" nor a homosexual disease, but a regular illness that requires regular treatment and care.