Alashanek Ya Baladi

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Alashanek Ya Baladi

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Raghda is creating employment for marginalized youth through a market-based sustainable model catering to business sector needs and market needs thus bridging the gap between the social sector and the business sector and professionalizing the citizen sector. Her model has as its workforce volunteer university students from the student clubs affiliated with Alashanek Ya Balady (AYB), her CSO.

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Acting as an employment office, AYB offers a service to the corporate sector by selecting, training, and mentoring employees from marginalized communities who would otherwise not have access to the labor market. AYB also creates income generation opportunities in the informal sector by offering youth training and micro-credit to start their own projects. By charging businesses a fee for AYB services, Raghda ensures that her CSO is financially sustainable. Further ensuring the financial sustainability of her CSO, Raghda works on twinning some of her programs with income generating social ventures within the same organization to cover their costs. Raghda's organization started as a student club involving youth in development activities and now is a CSO with affiliated student clubs in leading universities in Cairo based on a franchise system. The franchise system allows for swift replication of the model and spread of the impact. While each franchise is responsible for following the founding principles and operating procedures as AYB, the student leadership of each franchise has control over which social challenges to address according to its constituency. AYB, as Raghda imagined, is now a change engine for people on both sides of the equation, the volunteers and the people who find jobs. Having covered several cities in Egypt, Raghda now wishes to create more employment opportunities and take her model to other Arab countries.