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Ernesto Rosas is transforming an inward-looking mutual aid society of HIV-positive Uruguayans into a dynamic advocacy, information and AIDS care center. In so doing, he aims to "return to society its responsibilities" by encouraging Uruguayans to view HIV-positive/AIDS as but one of many chronic illnesses that must be treated and understood.

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Ernesto Rosas is "normalizing" HIV/AIDS and thus rooting out the social attitudes that stigmatize HIV/AIDS sufferers. Ernesto saw that the stigma of AIDS in Uruguayan society had been largely assimilated by HIV/AIDS sufferers themselves, who tended to be inward looking and isolated. His first effort, then, is to inject activism and mission into the country's organization of HIV-positive persons. Under his leadership, the organization has embarked on a revitalized program that has three elements: (1) advocacy for the rights of HIV/AIDS sufferers-for health care and for equal concern and respect from society generally; (2) education of the public about living with HIV and AIDS, as well as some prevention work; and (3) services for HIV/AIDS sufferers.