Association Wouol

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Association Wouol

Burkina Faso
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
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Antoine has created Association Wouol, the first regional-scale, commercial hybrid value chain that joins European businesses with small local women’s vegetable and fruit producers from across West Africa. His program focuses on expanding and legitimizing organically certified food through creating health incentives for local farmers, and developing economic partnerships with food distributors such as AKCO, a major European food company. In particular, Antoine is challenging current operating standards by building a network of producers that are locally supported with benefits such as mutual health insurance and education programs, as well as professional growth opportunities. Government officials in Burkina Faso and Mali are pointing to his joint venture agreement as the “best practice” model for small farmer groups seeking to enter international markets.

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Antoine Sombié, à travers l’association Wouol de Bérégadougou, passe par des activités économiques, pour financer des activités à caractère sociale. Il est persuadé que les paysans doivent travailler ensemble avec les cadres, le universitaires, les chercheurs et les partenaires techniques et financiers. Il est aussi convaincue que les femmes ont un rôle très important à jouer dans le développement local.