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News and media organizations have always played an essential role in free and democratic societies by connecting individuals to vital information about events and decisions that shape their worlds. These organizations are quickly losing relevance in an increasingly interconnected society where almost anyone can access and create free news. Through news based social networking Pau is providing an alternative media model that empowers citizens to become full participants in creating and sharing news. By engaging professional journalists as editors and coaches to the site’s users, Pau’s model also provides the quality control characteristic of traditional news institutions, but which open-source initiatives often lack.

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Vuelve a resurgir con la iniciativa Bottup, puede ser muy interesante para el tema del periodismo. Antes: (Está en la Base de Medios como freelance, por eso tiene puesto "no recibir" correos aquí, para que no reciba cosas por duplicado. CG) "Pau has created a new media model, fully adapted to today's highly connected, informed and social individuals. His news-based social network, Bottup, connects citizens while enabling them to create and share reliable news. By involving ordinary individuals in the news creation process, Pau reduces production costs and extends the coverage of news to encompass local and international events that traditional media institutions aren't able to cover. Moreover, the network effect ensures that as the number of participants increases, Bottup also grows in content, quality and relevance."