Chipo Chedu

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Chipo Chedu

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Betty has created the Chipo Chedu Society to fight pervasive prejudice against childless women in Zimbabwe. Betty organizes childless women, helps them learn skills they need to support themselves, and works with all strata of society, from traditional leaders to mass media, to help raise awareness of the problem.

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Women who are childless are left to suffer the hardships of ostracism and intense prejudice on their own. They have never organized, partly because most have internalized a debilitating shame that leads them to withdraw from the public eye. Betty has founded Chipo Chedu (which means "my own gift") to help these women organize and fight the layers of prejudice that leads to their alienation. Betty's work begins with a comprehensive needs assessment of the sort that has never been conducted: all the data accumulated so far comes from census studies or sparse individual narratives. Betty and her Chipo Chedu society are conducting assessment workshops in rural communities that canvass the attitudes of men and women, chiefs and medics, and then begins to work with these various groups to expose and discuss prejudice. She has also worked with the national media to launch a campaign against such prejudice. Finally, she provides a range of services previously unavailable to infertile women, including skills training and medical referrals that help them make sense of their condition and give them the freedom to flourish on their own (usually once they have been expelled from their families). The Chipo Chedu society is quickly evolving into a nation-wide initiative with a wide network of volunteers and with its own income generating strategy.