Community Self-Reliance Centre

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Community Self-Reliance Centre

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Jagat Basnet is pursuing land reform in Nepal by linking the issue to social justice and economic freedom. Empowering and enabling poor farmers to gain access to land rights, education rights, health and basic services for social dignity, and freedom out of poverty. Jagat is changing the political, cultural, and societal environment of land reform and land access in Nepal.

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In a nation where land rights are tantamount to citizenship and landlessness begets poverty, Jagat is leading a movement that helps landless and tenant farmers gain legal entitlement to the land their families have tilled for generations. While many development agencies work for rural poverty alleviation, Jagat works on the crux of the problem, land issues, supporting farmers in their applications for land rights and empowering them to become not just skilled farmers, but leaders skilled at negotiation with landlords, government officials, and the general public. Through his organization, the Community Self Reliance Center (CSRC), Jagat enables farmers to help themselves and each other as they learn first how to read and then how to fight the inequities they face-to file for land rights, adopt new agricultural practices, and support one another as a unified group in society. As Jagat partners with Nepali and international citizen organizations (COs) and facilitates the formation of regional and national tillers' or people's' organizations, he is helping farmers not only to negotiate their right to land access with their landlords, but also to improve their position in the greater society as well. In the process, by securing land rights for thousands of farmers, Jagat and his organizations are changing the way the government and the Nepali people think about and support land reform in Nepal.