Csupaszívek társasága

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Csupaszívek társasága

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Zsuzsa Csato is promoting independent living as a viable option for people with mental handicaps. She is empowering families to care for dependents at home and then move them into independent living situations. By helping both the families and the persons with handicaps prepare and deal with the transition, she is preventing people with handicaps from being forced into institutional environments.

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Zsuzsa's "transition" training program involves both the mentally handicapped and their parents in the transition from institutional group or family homes to independent residences. She works to build the capacity of the handicapped to take care of themselves, enabling them to be able to maintain a job, care for themselves, and perform a variety of tasks in their new homes. Her work with parents includes organizing families into small shareholder groups to negotiate the purchase of apartment. She runs apartments, offering job counseling to parents who had spent years at home caring for their children. The idea of the mentally handicapped living on their own is a new concept for Hungary's social service agencies as well as for the private sector.