Ekologický právní servis - Environmental Law Service

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Ekologický právní servis - Environmental Law Service

Czech Republic
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Martin Prokop is transforming public interest law and challenging the Czech Republic's legal system by encouraging concrete action from individuals and institutions. He promotes an interconnected approach that seeks change for critical legal policy, encourages broad-based citizen participation, and offers legal assistance to those who need it most.

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Martin firmly believes that one of the basic conditions of an open civil society is a functioning legal environment that balances the interests of the individual with the public. Based on his previous experiences and an awareness of the legal environment and practices in Czech society, he has instigated a public interest law movement to enable citizens and their organizations to engage more effectively in the democratic process. Martin's organization-the Public Interest Law Association-works to transform several dimensions of the law. The association strategically pursues changes in areas of the law most critical to public interest. Through lobbying and drafting legislation, Martin and his colleagues address policies that target specific cases setting precedents in crucial areas. The association encourages broader citizen participation by engaging law schools, citizen organizations, and diverse community members in all aspects of common, civil, and legislative law. Martin also protects the rights of individuals and interest groups by offering legal aid. His organization harnesses the collective power of professional and citizen interest groups both to build economies of scale in management, training, representation, lobbying, and fundraising and to encourage democracy and advance the public interest throughout the Czech Republic.