Empowering Women in Nepal

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Empowering Women in Nepal

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Lucky Chhetri challenges stereotypes of poverty, ignorance, and isolation for rural women by harnessing the growing demand for female mountaineers and adventure tourism professionals. In a traditionally marginalized population, she creates opportunities for education, social influence, and economic stability, giving them a voice in their society for the first time.

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For women in rural areas, traditionally deprived of education and economic opportunity, Lucky opens a new pathway toward success. Her program, Empowering Women in Nepal (EWN), trains women as guides for Nepal's booming adventure tourism industry. Trainees learn English, history, geography, and environmental preservation, along with skills for mountaineering and business management. They also learn to be physically and mentally tough, and to approach their life with confidence at work and in their home.New knowledge and skills prepare participants in Lucky's programs to confront and transform stereotypes and discrimination that have hindered Nepalese women for hundreds of years. As these women find their own economic success, they directly contradict those who doubt the ability of women to compete in strained job markets. Loan programs and alumni networks support them in establishing development projects and taking leadership roles in their communities. EWN programs help rural women move from lives of dependence and silence to lives of self-sufficiency and strength, creating a significant shift in the social structure of rural Nepal.