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Gallinal’s organization, ENCARE, works with communities to strengthen their social fabric and reinforce inclusion where poverty, violence and drug use have torn neighborhoods apart.

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Roberto Gallinal is rebutting the widespread myth that drugs are a negative external element interfering in a community. To counter this prevalent feeling, he is encouraging families and communities to examine and address the root social forces that may engender drug use. Through a methodology he calls the 3I's-interrogate the situation, implicate yourself and the community, and create integral solutions, communities are left not only with a solid plan that meets their specific needs, but with a heightened capacity to take charge of and construct their own responses to drug use in their lives and the world around them. Through this work, Roberto transforms what begins as a drug problem into an opportunity to enhance community and citizenship in his country.To reach all of society, both in Uruguay and beyond, Roberto is changing the way all parties involved in addressing the drug problem approach their work. Roberto is building a core of highly trained professionals to take up ENCARE's work all over the country while working through government bodies to train social workers in his ideas and methods. On the public policy front, Roberto has positioned himself to push the government toward a complete overhaul of its currently repressive drug policy. Roberto will not be satisfied until all of Latin America has changed its ways: he has organized and continues to head a network of international citizen sector organizations (CSOs) working on drug-related issues.