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Despite considerable economic resources, Norway ranks below France and Germany in science education. A scientist herself, Hanne realized that every scientist—like every social entrepreneur—had a moment that sparked his or her passion. Hanne is now creating opportunities for children to have as many moments of inspiration in science by making the field compelling and available to everyone. Her courses, designed to last between two to three hours and offered after the school day, are made up of 70 percent practical activities, with 30 percent focused on theory around the themes of chemistry, biology, and physics. Hanne is integrating the experiential approach into curriculum and offering modules for teacher lessons, textbooks, and teacher training. Beginning with 441 students in her courses in 2008, she has doubled the number each year and is on track for 1,600 students in 2010. Hanne’s board is exploring first expansion in Denmark and Sweden through a franchise model.

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Hanne is transforming science education in Norway through an innovative multi-pronged strategy that offers fun, hands-on courses outside of school, overhauls teacher training and speciality in science, and influences curricula and school facilities to create a new generation of critical, creative thinkers who love science.