Fundación DHx de Ayuda y Asistencia para Personas Sordas

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Fundación DHx de Ayuda y Asistencia para Personas Sordas

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Ximena, who has used hearing aids half her life, knows the profound isolation of being deaf. In teaching others to understand this feeling, she empowers them to promote new opportunities for the inclusion of the deaf and disabled in society. Ximena's initiative has influenced business practices and national policies and has transformed the lives of countless individuals.

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Ximena teaches people to feel what it is to be deaf and thereby empowers them to open up new opportunities for deaf people. She also provides resources for deaf people and their families and creates spaces for learning and experience exchanges among deaf people. Through an in-depth exchange program between hearing impaired and non- hearing impaired students Ximena teaches young people to reach out to youth in other communities and educates them about inclusion of the disabled. She teaches business and government employees to fight workplace discrimination against the disabled, encouraging them in the process to think more broadly about far-reaching changes to organizational policies. For example, Ximena's series of workshops at Movistar, one of the largest cell phone companies in the Andean region, resulted in the development and marketing of a low-cost text messaging package for hearing impaired people. Ximena's goal is to include hearing impaired people as active, functioning members of their families, schools, workplaces, and society. Some of her educational activities provide the levers to make important changes in their access to services and public resources, as in the Movistar example. She also provides direct technical expertise and hearing aids to low-income deaf people, particularly children, and pushes for changes in medical establishments and in public policy to promote early detection of hearing impairments and more widespread access to state-sponsored treatment. Ximena pushes accepted boundaries and always goes a step further. She does not simply distribute hearing aids, for example, but also teaches parents to communicate with their deaf children and defend their children's rights.