Fundación Junto con los Niños

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Fundación Junto con los Niños

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Sylvia Reyes, an educational psychologist, trains informal case workers to help parents recover from psychological damage, enabling them to protect and provide for their children while providing them with the care they need for full and healthy development.

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Sylvia is changing the future for the children of the streets. Many of those children live with violence and psychological abuse in their families, are out of school, and are vulnerable to gang involvement and other dangers. Sylvia focuses on both children and their parents. Past traumas may distort parents' relationships with their children and leave them unable to provide basic physical or emotional care. Sylvia understands the importance of a healthy family life and its power as a tool to solve problems associated with extreme social exclusion. By helping the family unit to become a genuine place of care, the chances of children continuing the cycle of dysfunction is interrupted. A transformation in the family becomes a transformation for generations to come. Sylvia ends entrenched cycles of abuse by using trained "key" workers to intervene with both children and parents. Parents learn to link their pasts to their current parenting practices. The workers then lead families through the process of recreating bonds and learning to work toward their future. By the time families "graduate" from her program, violence has been eliminated or greatly reduced, children are off the streets and integrated into mainstream schools. For the first time parents have the capacity and wherewithal to support their children financially and make use of available local social services. By creating permanent change within families through an intensive process, Sylvia offers a new perspective to government and citizen sector programs—suggested programs for dealing with vulnerable children, domestic violence and family health. While Sylvia is replicating her methodology through citizen organizations (COs) in several countries, her goal is to shift policy and funding allocation so that long-term investment in the family becomes recognized as a primary component in the societal response to vulnerable children.