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$1,000 - $10,000
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Solomon is unlocking the potential of young high school students in Uganda using the practical science of Robotics. Solomon hopes to transform the education system in the country to focus more on practical knowledge, which is severely lacking in the present formal education system.

About Project

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Formal education in Uganda and Africa in general, fails to teach students the practical application of scientific knowledge in solving day to day challenges. As a technology enthusiast from childhood, Solomon grew up with this challenge and was deeply motivated to find a solution for it. He has found that the in order to transform the centralized education system in Uganda, there is a need to create a student-centered movement to incorporate the learning of practical sciences as opposed to current efforts that are more top down and often lacking the incentive for students to recognize its true value.

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Solomon is the first person in Uganda, and East Africa in general, to bring Robotics science into high schools. Through a network of volunteers and support partners, Solomon teaches students how to build and manipulate a robot in 3 hours!