Institute for Human Rights and Development

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Institute for Human Rights and Development

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$1,000 - $10,000
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By training human rights organizations to use the monitoring and enforcement procedures made possible by the African Charter, Ashoka Fellow Alpha Fall and Julia increase the influence and efficacy of international human rights law.

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Alpha and Julia teach African organizations to use the procedures for monitoring and enforcing human rights established in the African Charter and embodied in the African Commission. In the past, only a few specialized lawyers had such skill; Alpha and Julia are sharing their expertise so that human rights activists can use the Charter for legal recourse. Alpha's and Julia's objective is to make procedures more transparent, apply them to specific cases and minimize some of the obstacles which for non-lawyers might otherwise be insurmountable. They plan to train those organizations so that they will no longer require the Institute's expertise in order to prepare lawsuits and start actions on their own at a national and a pan-African level.