Islampur Cottage Industry Association

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Islampur Cottage Industry Association

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Hazer Gul is eliminating the system of bonded labor in the cottage industry sector of Pakistan. Starting with the weaver community in Swat, Hazer is establishing rights awareness, collective power, education, and is integrating informal workers as key players in the economy. Rather than demonizing the powerful middlemen in the value chain, he has developed peaceful, mutually beneficial solutions to break through a traditionally exploitive system.

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Hazer is opening up venues for the large number of households making a living through cottage industry to improve their well being and to contribute towards improvement of the national economy. As a start he has started working with the workers and their families in the handloom, leather and earthen craft occupations. The workers are organized as an association by industry, and Hazer assists trains them to negotiate for better wages and terms and conditions with the middle men, brings to them new market information and linkages and introduces them to new design and tools. Through the workers association, Hazer works with their families to lessen pollution in production process and for family planning. Hazer’s provides inputs at household, community and industry level. Since the households with same occupations live together as a community, he first targets the community and helps them overcome a community issue to get organized at community level. The achievement helps in building up the community organization for the whole community and association of the workers. At the household level family planning services are introduced through government and NGOs. The association of workers is provided with training and networking services to help them gain access to the wider market, price their products right and to negotiate with the middlemen. At the industry level, Hazer engages designers and professionals to improve tools and provide product design services. Simultaneously Hazer looks at both the supply line and the market to help improve relations and chalk out terms and conditions to make the entire industry competitive. Hazer has made partnerships with interested donors and investors to expand the work beyond Swat, NWFP and to enhance the marketability of cottage industry product at international levels, starting from importing goods to Afghanistan.