Jamil Ahmed Individual

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Jamil Ahmed Individual

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Jamil Ahmed, a theater activist, seeks, through children's games and simple theater performance, to help poor working children realize that their lives can be creative and meaningful, that the world is changeable, and that human beings are the ones who change it.

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An individual can be a contributor to society only when the individual has the conviction that he or she can be a player. This belief cannot be taught or preached; it must be felt through experience. Jamil uses the skills he has learned in two decades of innovative theater work to help children who have been given little reason to feel they control anything to experience that they indeed can see, think about, and express their views of their world. The sense that they can take the next step to change the world follows quickly. Taking these superficially tough but often privately shaken children and walking them through this profound change is not easy. Jamil's contribution is the methodology he has developed; it enables him and those he is training to work this transformation.