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Caroline Casey helps Irish businesses to develop new approaches to employing and serving disabled people.

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Caroline is changing how businesses look at and deal with people with disabilities. She has a series of innovative programs highlighting the contributions the disabled make as employees and consumers through The Ability Awards.  Caroline is building a network of organisations that demonstrate and promote best practices in employing the disabled, in designing products and services for disabled clients, and in customer service and accessibility. This network of "ability confident" companies proves what can be achieved and provides replicable examples of excellence. As they search for new talent and new customers, more and more businesses are paying attention to the benefits of becoming ability confident. Employers are increasingly realizing the advantages of a diverse and capable work force in a tight labour market, while also competing for the fast-growing spending power of this segment, €3.3 billion. As well as creating economic opportunities, this shift is building the confidence and expectations of people with disabilities, their families and their educators.