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$1,000 - $10,000
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Update in 2014: Teacher entrepreneur program- dhule district in northen maharasthra. Working there since 2007. To enable rural youth yo set up language classes. They don’t teach- but facilitate. We train them with content. Audio recorded content. English delivered into Marathi. They have content on memory card to train him. If he passes the test, he starts a class. He charges a small fee. 1200 per month for

1 hour Everyday- 6 days a week. To read write and comprehend English. Not so much spoken English.

6 levels- 1st two levels are worked out well. Ability to read is fleshed out.

5000 kids have been impacted so far. Almost all have been reached by people who cant speak themselves.

English typically needs a well speaking teacher. The expertize is the solution.

We need content that is modular & can be broken into small pieces- thru regional languages. Right now cheapest form is thru mobile phones- class listens to voice

Now developing software to assess children individually and customize solutions.

Paper pencil test- share results and couriers.

Bring rules into english.

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English is a subject from Std 1 in Maharashtra. We were dealing with Std 5 students who can read Uppercase letters only. After Class 10- science education is in English. People study in urdu medium schools. But can't trasiiton to English. One of the biggest reasons to drop out (outside Financial) is English

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English language skills for youth