Letohrádek Vendula

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Letohrádek Vendula

Czech Republic
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
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Drahoslava (Daja) Sojkova is creating hope and self-sufficiency for the disabled in the Czech republic by training them in the production and instruction of traditional craft, and helping them form communities of mutual support.

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Faced with institutional care that does nothing to prepare the disabled for life "on the outside," Daja is creating opportunities and counseling for the post-institutional disabled. Starting with a center that she designed near the town of Kladno and craft skills that she learned through intensive sessions at trade and industrial schools, Daja is teaching the disabled skills that allow them to succeed in the Czech economy. Daja not only teaches the disabled traditional crafts, but organizes and publicizes a school for such crafts in which the teachers are her disabled clients, and helps her clients market their goods successfully. Daja also provides a range of services–from transportation to emergency accommodation to counseling and hotlines–each of which allows the disabled to gradually take ownership of their own lives. Many of the costs of these services are creatively cross-subsidized by the courses offered to the general public and by the sale of a portion of the goods created in the center. Daja is on the verge of releasing herself from the day-to-day management of the center and throwing herself into its replication across the Czech republic.