Ludia a voda

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Ludia a voda

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Eugen Tóth is bringing groundbreaking solutions to the challenges of microclimate change in urban areas, while also changing citizen's attitudes about the importance of rainwater. Since most people live in cities, Eugen's solution has strength in its simplicity—holding and circulating water where it falls to impact a wide area. Using campaigns, negotiation, education, and discussion, he is creating new possibilities for water conservation.  

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Eugen has developed a unique way to overcome climate change within the city of Prešov while also changing people's attitudes about the value of rainwater. His work is crucial because it does not focus on rainwater harvesting, as traditional rainwater solutions do, but on holding water where it falls and then circulating it in the same area. In this way, he treats rainwater not as a commodity but as a resource that is publicly owned; therefore, it serves as a source of social cohesion and economic prosperity. Eugen's approach relies on a new model of local environmental management that recognizes the important interconnections between environmental protection and a city's water management system. For Eugen to successfully change perceptions about rainwater as a resource, there must be a political commitment to funding and the permission to plan. He has, therefore, invested in lobbying and communications with municipal representatives and has increased public awareness through educational activities and an information campaign. Eugen is implementing his first rainwater management system and information center in the city of Prešov, and he is exploring expansion in other cities in Slovakia.