MaDad for Childhood Programs Co. Ltd.

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MaDad for Childhood Programs Co. Ltd.

Palestinian Territory
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Jacqueline Sfeir is transforming the educational system of Palestine and the larger Arab world into one that promotes interaction, critical thinking, and community involvement in all aspects of the learning process. Jacqueline believes that the system must be changed to accommodate the innate nature of the child as learner, and she is shifting the process of education away from the mode of aNaql (transmission of knowledge) to al-‘aql (rational thinking and production of knowledge).

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Jacqueline is transforming education in the Arab context from a rote-based hierarchical system into a learning-based, socially just system. This transformation will change the concept of "school" from a service provider into an agent of development. Jacqueline uses the reflective learning methodology that she has developed over 21 years, the Holistic Integrated Approach (HIA), to train teachers, parents, children, and the community to evaluate local processes of learning and to reshape them to meet the community's-primarily the children's-needs. This approach engages children's capacity to learn, enhances their critical thinking, and encourages them to take initiative. Jacqueline's HIA is derived from her own experience and that of her colleagues, which has been informed by the basic tenets of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and is based on principles of sound development. Jacqueline has adopted a flexible multifold strategy to reach her goals. Jacqueline's citizen organization titled "MaDad" equips teachers, parents, students, and others to use HIA through carefully structured Schools Development Processes, thereby changing the educational process at every level: The classroom, the school, the home, and the school's broader community.