MUSEO DE LA COCA (asesor del viceministro de la coca)

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MUSEO DE LA COCA (asesor del viceministro de la coca)

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Dr. Jorge Hurtado is testing the effectiveness of and establishing credibility for the use of the coca leaf to treat cocaine addiction. Through scientific research and by advocating for changes in international laws, he is promoting a more effective alternative to traditional hospital treatment.

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A psychiatrist by profession, Jorge Hurtado is systematically promoting the use of coca leaves as a means to diminish cocaine addiction. The coca plant is the only known effective substitute for cocaine that does not harm the patient. The main components of his plan involve research to fine-tune dosage levels, advocacy work to demystify and legalize the use of coca internationally, and a treatment program for institutionalized Bolivian addicts in La Paz. Jorge is also highly involved in determining psychological methods that help predict and measure patients' rehabilitation progress.