Neighbourhood Environment Watch(NEW) Foundation

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Neighbourhood Environment Watch(NEW) Foundation

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Okezie is integrating agriculture with reforesting; providing a livelihood incentive for rebuilding the forest

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Deforestation is a process where vegetation is cut down without any simultaneous replanting for economic or social reasons. Deforestation has negative implications on the environment in terms of wildlife and increased desertification among many other reasons. According to data taken over a five-year period from 2000 to 2005, Nigeria has the largest desertification rates in the world with loss of 55.7% of its primary forest. The annual rate of deforestation in Nigeria is approximately 3.5%, which is between 350,000 and 400,000 hectares per year. A lot of damage has been done to Nigeria’s land through the process of deforestation, notably contributing to the overwhelming trend of desertification. It is on record that Nigeria is losing 2.3% of her forests annually From 1990 to 2010 Nigeria nearly halved their amount of forest cover moving from 17234 to 9,041 hectares. Poor agricultural land management and or extractive mining activities, is at the root cause of climate change. This has resulted in land degradation, water stress, poverty, low/poor agricultural produce, weather variables and unpredictability, diseases and death Much of the allowance for deforestation in Nigeria comes from demand for fuel wood and poor land management in the communities and this has resulted in high level poverty and low crop yields. Water stress is predominant in the area and lots of the bio-diversity is lost due to the peoples attitude to conserve their natural resources especially forests resources. These problems persist due to ignorance and poor awareness on sustainable land management and proper conservation of the forests and its diverse bio-diversity. The usage of fuel wood for cooking is higher in rural areas of our country where more of the population is concentrated. There are also incentives to people living in rural areas surrounding the process of deforestation because it is a source of income to many of them. The extremely high level of poverty in the country is very much connected to the issue of deforestation. However, deforestation is one of the major pressing environmental issues we face and one we must find the solutions to, and work together with our full support, if we are to repair the damage we have done and thus achieve environmental friendliness.

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Okezie is restoring the forests in Nigeria by empowering communities to take responsibility of preserving and conserving their forest reserves. He is positioning young people to become aware of climate change issues and how reforestation can contribute to forestalling desertification by engaging them in a hands-on experience on trees planting. He has built an all inclusive model whereby community members take charge of protecting the forests from tree felling and women who are the most affected by climate change play a crucial role in deciding which trees are most beneficial to them as a community thereby providing livelihood opportunities as an incentive to rebuilding the forest.