Nepal Disabled Human Rights Centre (DHRC)

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Nepal Disabled Human Rights Centre (DHRC)

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In Nepal, disabled people are an invisible underclass. They are regarded as helpless and incapable of caring for themselves, so most efforts to help them take the form of charitable handouts rather than any genuine attempt to help them survive on their own abilities. Forced to rely on the generosity of family, they become demoralized. Shudarson Subedi is working to enshrine disabled rights in law—and give disabled people the same chance at independence as any other Nepalese citizen.

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Shudarson is creating a legal framework to guarantee disability rights while using the media to draw attention to the fact that, given the same opportunities as able people, the disabled can be productive and self-sufficient members of society. He advocates for changes through all avenues: through court cases fighting for disabled rights, through petitions to government offices, and through grassroots demonstrations via community organizations and self-help groups.