Nepal Micro Hydro Entepreneur's Federation

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Nepal Micro Hydro Entepreneur's Federation

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Villages in the highest altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains face isolation and economic stagnation. As a result, they lose dozens of young people every year to increasingly crowded urban areas. Bir Bahadur Ghale electrifies these villages with a small hydropower plant and helps them attract new business ventures that stimulate their economies and draw young people back to their communities.

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The best way to stem the tide of people leaving remote villages is to fill those villages with energy and opportunity. Bir Bahadur Ghale accomplishes this by constructing micro-hydropower plants, just large enough to light a town and support a wave of new businesses. In linking sustainable power generation to industrial and commercial ventures, he creates jobs that enable villagers to buy electricity and revive their failing villages.As he builds micropower plants throughout Nepal, Bir Bahadur makes sure that each one has the support it needs to run smoothly. On a practical level, he establishes district service centers to answer technical questions and make needed repairs. To support power management, he has founded the Nepal Micro-Hydropower Entrepreneurship Federation, connecting hundreds of plant managers to trainings and idea exchanges, and uniting them to advocate for rural development in national policy.