Ochrana Fauny České Republiky

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Ochrana Fauny České Republiky

Czech Republic
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Recognizing that people in the Czech Republic are not aware of the threats that urban development and expansion of commercial agriculture pose to animals in their country, Pavel launched a program to increase awareness about endangered species and the importance of biodiversity and habitat preservation.

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Pavel encourages Czechs to be stewards, not destroyers, of nature, emphasizing the importance of preserving biodiversity and protecting habitat. His efforts focus not only on promoting participation in environmental protection, but also on designing appropriate technology that will reduce the impact of human encroachment into the habitats of endangered species. Pavel's organization, Protection of Fauna, runs an array of programs that guard against illegal activities such as hunting, poaching, animal trafficking, as well as unintended man-made threats to animal life such as electrical lines, poles, and roads. Firstly, he has established an emergency rescue center to rehabilitate and reintroduce injured birds and animals. Secondly, his organization is working with the government to introduce appropriate technology that will aid in animal protection. Finally, through environmental education and involvement of local people, Protection of Fauna seeks to highlight the importance of biodiversity and habitat preservation in the Czech Republic. Using these strategies and leading by example, Pavel encourages people to reduce negative human impact on the natural world.