PetVet Clinic

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PetVet Clinic

Sri Lanka
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
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Nalinika Obeyesekere is reforming Sri Lanka's failing animal care system by improving veterinary education, tending to the country's large stray animal population, and introducing new commercial opportunities in the animal service industry. She launched the country's first multi-doctor veterinary practice, and uses a portion of the profits to subsidize free treatment for street animals and promote animal safety awareness. Equally important, her initiatives emphasize a renewed ethic of compassion and civic responsibility throughout Sri Lanka's war-torn society.

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Nalinika has introduced a new model for veterinary care in Sri Lanka with three key aims: (a) To develop a better trained workforce, (b) to leverage new opportunities in the animal service industry, and (c) to promote a general sense of compassion toward animals through community education programs. Sri Lanka's veterinary profession has long suffered from inadequate training and poor service. As a first step toward improving the quality of care, Nalinika established Sri Lanka's first professional body of veterinary practitioners to promote ongoing professional development. The society offers an affordable continuing education program, with a focus on professional ethics. Nalinika is also pioneering new fields and commercial opportunities for animal care. With the number of pet-owning households on the rise, her multipractitioner Pet Vet clinic highlights the growing profitability of animal care and draws better students to the field. She also promotes the use of animals for therapeutic purposes and is generating new businesses in the animal service industry. Finally, Nalinika operates a free service to care for street animals, with both mobile clinics and awareness programs in schools and communities, which are designed to promote better animal care. Children and their families are taught about rabies prevention and control, bite prevention, and responsible pet ownership. The sum effect is an emerging ethic of compassion in a country brutalized by decades of war.