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In Central America, the breakdown of law and order during the past twenty years has led to high levels of domestic violence against women and youth, but violence in the home has been treated as a taboo subject and dialogue has been difficult in these polarized societies. Amy, an American who has lived in Nicaragua for 22 years, created Meeting Point to boost dialogue through workshops, magazines, and radio programs and provide an information hub for hundreds of small grassroots organizations. Meeting Point has written and produced a soap opera, "Sixth Sense," which has become wildly popular in its five years on the air and been proven to pave the way for open discussion of societal problems.

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Amy, a U.S. citizen who has lived more than 20 years in Nicaragua, has produced a highly popular, socially themed region-wide media in the form of soap operas, radio shows and magazines. She has organized rapidly growing numbers of citizen organizations (COs) to work with their local constituencies to draw out and discuss the issues her media raise. By finding ways to legitimize previously taboo subjects, such as family violence, teen pregnancy, gangs, and illegal immigration, she is bringing drastic change to attitudes and behaviors. Amy has developed a three pronged education and communications approach to produce those changes. First she develops content and methods to discuss controversial topics in constructive and confidential ways. She then delivers the content through hundreds of trained grassroots COs. Finally she creatively uses various media outlets to achieve broad outreach, interest and appeal. Operating across Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, and the United States, Amy's work is changing attitudes among friends and within families, eventually producing concrete changes in behavior.