ROSHNI Helpline

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ROSHNI Helpline

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Mohammad Ali quickly recovers and reunites missing children with their families through a neighborhood early warning system. He has developed a network of first-responders working in a wide variety of venues, including mosques, shops, roadside hotels, hairdressing salons, health clinics, and even among TV cable operators and the police. Mohammad then collects, prints, and disseminates information within the critical first few hours of abduction, helping to recover children in 70 percent of all cases. He also hosts a weekly radio program on missing children that focuses on parenting skills and one creating a safe environment for children at home.

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Mohammad has developed a rapid search system to reunite missing children with their families. His organization, the Roshni Missing Children Helpline, specializes in quick response and careful coordination among a large network of volunteers during the first critical hours of a child's disappearance. Having launched his pilot program in Layri Town, Karachi, Mohammad has built up a thriving network of more than 130 individuals and partner organizations, including business owners, journalists, religious leaders, and government officials in the course of a few months. Upon first receiving a case, Mohammad collects, prints, and disseminates information to his volunteer partners, who quickly share information across their own networks. With the help of his partners, he is able to distribute leaflets and air ads on local television within the first several hours of a child’s disappearance. Through this system, Mohammad has successfully recovered children in a majority of the cases that have come before him. Recognizing that child safety depends on far more than quick intervention, however, Mohammad works to educate parents about child safety. He has partnered with a local FM radio station to host a weekly radio program on missing children, in which he provides lessons in parenting skills and advice on how to maintain peace at home.