Socialbid (Inactive)

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Socialbid (Inactive)

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Revenue Source: Fundación Un Sol Mon (Obra Social Caixa Catalunya).

Aunque Eduardo Giménez parece el fundador, Rodrigo, también previamente de Bain, dejó su trabajo para dedicarse 100x100 a la iniciativa. Posiblemente es él el candidato ideal para Ashoka.

La persona que nos lo recomendó es [email protected] (Begonia Caparrós). Más información en su carpeta (un artículo).

DNI 50891013V

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Rodrigo has created a new channel through which citizen sector organizations can extract liquid value out of in-kind donations from businesses and individuals. Socialbid, his organization, uses online auction platforms _x0013_ such as eBay _x0013_ to monetize in-kind donations by selling them to e-consumers. Socialbid accepts and markets a wide variety of products and services (from iPods to holiday trips) that are sold using existing platforms to millions of users with varying interests. Through his online bidding tool, Rodrigo is engaging new contributors that traditional charity auctions and fundraising campaigns generally cannot reach. He is also tapping into a new pool of resources by opening the door for more kinds of businesses to participate in funding the citizen sector, whose donations of products and services were previously difficult to accept on behalf of most citizen sector organizations (CSOs).