Souktel Inc.

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Souktel Inc.

Palestinian Territory
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Mohammed al-Kilany is changing Middle Eastern labor markets and economies from opaque systems that exclude most job seekers, to transparent systems that empower all, by using simple and accessible mobile technology.

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Mohammed al-Kilany is changing the pattern of how job seekers and employers traditionally match their needs. He has created a new accessible system using basic mobile phone technology, which provides all job seekers, regardless of location, gender, or socioeconomic background with information on the labor market and job opportunities. Kilany established Souktel Inc., an organization whose core innovation developed by Kilany, helps job seekers and employers connect through simple text-messaging (SMS) processes. From any mobile phone, job seekers create SMS "mini-CVs" that include basic data on their skills, location, etc. From the other side, employers create similar mini-job ads and post them to the same database, enabling job seekers to search these opportunities from their own phones. Kilany is addressing several of the major factors leading to unemployment – a lack of access to experience (such as internships), a lack of access to information on how to find work, and a lack of access on where to find work. Through Souktel, Inc., Kilany’s using a written and oral system via mobile phones and has managed to connect with and place thousands of young Palestinians whose circumstances, education, and lack of resources had previously denied them access to employment opportunities and information. This strategy also benefits employers who want a pool of candidates that meet a job’s exact qualifications while also saving money, time, and effort usually spent on screening CVs from unqualified applicants. Kilany created a platform to connect job seekers and employers more equitably and transparently, which gives equal opportunities to job seekers while also saving time, effort, and costs for both the job-seeker and the employer. Kilany’s goal is to help communities improve their economic prospects by empowering them with better information about the available jobs and positions. In addition to providing a platform for marginalized groups to find job opportunities, Kilany is providing transparent information regarding employee rights on issues such as minimum wages to the job seekers.