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Dr. Rajat Mitra is changing the core of the criminal justice system in India by institutionalizing the concept of victimology. He aims both to establish legal recognition of victims' rights and to develop standard services to promote the emotional health and physical recovery of victims who suffer psychological trauma.

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With an ambitious goal of collectively shifting the mindset of Indian citizens and law enforcement officials, Dr. Mitra's victims' rights movement is seeking a cultural change. Where victims of crime have lacked avenues of recourse and have often been neglected, if not harassed, by the law enforcement personnel to whom they have turned for help, Dr. Mitra sees hope in the future of justice. By tackling the issue of victims' rights protection from three angles-community, law enforcement, and policy-Dr. Mitra's approach challenges stale thinking and creates opportunities for collective action toward developing a new understanding of humane and just treatment for victims. By working with police departments and other adjuncts of the justice system, Dr. Mitra's program looks to change the attitudes and actions of those in authority. Revamping traditional methods will create new policies to protect the rights of victims and help solidify changes in the agencies responsible for their care.