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Gonzalo is reinventing the garbage industry in Chile by helping society and customers see that 90% of garbage is really valuable raw material which can be recycled and reused, and is not just the black bag which miraculously disappears from the front of their home or business. By sharing the financial rewards of recycling, he is slowly replacing the current waste management system, which simply hides garbage and encourages waste through perverse financial incentives. He strives to create a future in which recycling is part of the daily life and actions of all kinds of institutions and people, and one which people, government, businesses and the environment profit.

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Gonzalo’s innovation focuses on changing society’s current consumption habits and the inefficiency of the waste-processing system currently in place with a three-pronged approach. First, he is making it easier for the public to start recycling by creating a series of convenient Clean Collection Points in which both businesses and ordinary people can drop off their garbage, which is then separated into major recycling categories by the staff of TriCiclos. Gonzalo incentivizes companies to foot the bill for these Clean Collection Points by sharing 50% of the profit that the resultant recycled materials garner as they are sold to other companies that buy such materials. Thus, because the more that is recycled at each respective station, the more that the contracting company receives, Gonzalo is able to enlist these companies as partners in major education campaigns which inform the public of the importance of recycling (which brings more recyclers to the station). The combination of this consciousness-raising and the provision of such accessible recycling service effectively works to close the gap between merely understanding the problem and taking action. Second, Gonzalo created TriCiclos as a social business to focus on changing the practices linked to consumption and the management of waste more generally. A strong emphasis is placed on making recycling an easy to adopt practice that is accessible to businesses, municipalities, educational institutions, and the general public with which it shares the benefits and challenges that it encounters while working to build a new sustainable culture. Thirdly, Gonzalo is working to replace the perverse financial incentives which actually encourage more waste and garbage by developing relationships with municipalities and other sectors of the government to push for the enactment of changes in a system that currently provides disincentives to recycle and encourages an obsolete system of dumping waste into open landfills.