Veletrh Evolution

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Veletrh Evolution

Czech Republic
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
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Petr Bergmann is revitalizing the cultural prosperity of Central European cities and towns. By restructuring cultural centers in a way that addresses pressing social issues, Petr is enriching communities and developing a culture of tolerance and understanding.

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By creating cultural spaces in the heart of Central European communities, Petr is revitalizing local economies, raising hidden issues, and addressing traumas of the past. The open public spaces generate citizen involvement in areas that lack a healthy sense of cultural identity. Petr's centers provide a forum for communities affected by complex border issues to deal with the past in order to build a future. Petr's process of creating a functioning public space brings issues of culture, history, environmental protection, education, and cross-border cooperation to the forefront of community awareness. The ideological shift from a communist past encourages citizens to become involved in a project that challenges national stereotypes and divisions. Social youth programs, business incubators, cultural festivals, and active citizen-led organizations are all part of Petr's plan to break down barriers in people's minds and create a diverse and accepting community. Petr also works to professionalize this development process. He is identifying a new generation of urban space cultural developers, and providing them with the critical tools to continue this work.