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CanadaVancouver, Canada
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Portal for sustainable living, commerce and investment supported by advanced search functions and linkages to channel partners to drive traffic and content.

About Project

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The sustainable business market is expected to hit $60 billion by 2013. Only 40% of US adults believe green products/services just getting started, yet 69% purchase green products/services. Just 21% believe most businesses make efforts at sustainability, and fewer trust companies to be transparent even with independent verification. In NA, 65% of consumers believe products have a positive impact on the environment, 61% of small and mid-size businesses are trying to go greener and 70% anticipate becoming more environmentally conscious in the next two years. Digital marketing spending increased by more than 14% as traditional advertising spend declined 161% over the past year. We need to align businesses and consumers interested in sustainability by supporting access and behaviour change.

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Consumers and supply chain managers seek companies and brands with genuine commitments to environmental and social issues. GPD advertisers manufacture, sell, distribute or promote eco-friendly products and/or services. In addition to retailers that exclusively sell organic, fair trade or eco-friendly products, many major companies are adding sustainable products. LOHAS (the group that already purchase sustainable products and services) represents approximately 16% of adults in NA and is expected to double within 5 years. GPD provides the platform to link information seekers with solution providers, their products & services, associated certifications and locations. Key to our solution is the searchable data and criteria that end users can leverage to obtain the specific information they need. Information such as certifications, where the product is made, ratings, environmental & social attributes are important for decision-making and can be seen at a glance in search results.
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GPD provides end users access to easy-to-use streamlined information about relevant products, services and information – all evident at a glance to help consumers and procurement specialists find the most appropriate resource and/or certification closest to their geographical location. GPD owns the ECO-FLYER trademark for North America and "Where Good Things Click" and "GreenPages Directory" trademarks in Canada. Listing companies can manage their listing in real time, post their own ads, ECO-FLYER® and in the next phase, their coupons. Step 1 End user goes to portal address: (also accessible on other greenpages websites, such as, ,, ) Step 2 End user can choose to BROWSE by category (i.e. Resources/Products/Services/Service Providers/Retailers/Business to Business/Community Blog etc.) Or they can enter SEARCH criteria, such as their location AND choose from the ADVANCED search criteria such as within a specified DISTANCE, if the product or service is in an ACTIVE ECO-FLYER®, by specific CERTIFICATION(S), BRAND, WHERE THE PRODUCT IS MADE etc. Search results can be organized in order of ratings, relevance, or closest geographic location. Clicking on the desired result will lead to the profile of that result. Step 3 If the product or service is in an Active ECO-FLYER® it will be identified in an advanced search where that is one of the criteria OR it will be identified by the ECO-FLYER® logo during the search result.

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Although there are several competitors, there is currently no dominant green search directory market leader with unique features such as those in GPD. Unique features of GPD's platform include the ECO-FLYER, advanced search criteria such as certifications, distance, ratings, brand, and where a product is made. Most green directories focus on a local market which limits the ability to find innovation, which may be one-of-a-kind and not in close proximity but relevant for implementing a sustainable solution. With GPD, end users can find the closest solution and also others that may be outside their immediate geographic area. Another unique feature is the sustainable attributes that can be associated with products/services that show at-a-glance what makes it sustainable.

Founding Story

In an age where people reluctantly accept the “thunk” of the Yellow and White Pages on their front steps, Connie decided what was needed wasn’t yellow or white, but green. Connie, a former stockbroker with an MBA and owner of a leading sustainability consulting firm, understood that while people could easily find companies through the Yellow Pages, both in print and online, they couldn’t easily find companies that were specifically “green". Also, there wasn’t a platform for companies to discuss, in an obvious way, what good they do for people and the environment. And yet, according to her research, there was a growing body of consumers who want to buy specifically green products and services but don't know where to go to find them. So she spent several years gathering a global team of experts to create the first directory and search tool of its kind specifically to highlight environmentally-aware companies in North America.