SFG Clothing Line

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SFG Clothing Line

Bangkok, Chieng Mai, ThailandHuamark, Thailand
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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Creating a safer world for girls through Action and Awareness. Awareness through Counselling and Advice, and Action through Voluntary and SFG Clothing Line.

About Project

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As other Organizations, Homes and Orphanages cater for the basic needs of the Children they are in charge of, there usually stick to what the children need most like nutrition and housing. To provide an extra comfort like good clothing is not quite easy.

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SFG Clothing Line, will create a Unique Clothing Line for each child 0 - 15 years in the Organisation, Home or Orphanage we work with. In doing that we will also spread the Spirit of Volunteerism and can implement our free counselling services.
Impact: How does it Work

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SFG Clothing Line will make a difference not only within Thailand but globally as well. We shall empower other Homes and Orphanages by provideing for each child the much needed cloths and shoes. We will cater for 30 Children per month and give them a brand new wardrobe which shall be made with enviromental friendly material. This organisation will also help create jobs and hence sustain families, for example, we will buy material and hire a tailor as well as pay our volunteers and counselling team. The giving of the clothes to a certain Organisation will be done periodically and from our establishment in Thailand we will move on to African Countries next. We start with Thailand because that is where we are based but will venture abroad and work with other Organisations to implement our cause.

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There are not many other Organisations working to create a Unique clothing Line for Children. The UN is an Organisation that works with providing clothes and security to the needy but there outreach can only go so far. What sets us apart from others is that we make the SFG Clothing Line a personal thing by incorporating Counselling and Volunteering with it. Another thing is that we will also work with Homes and Orphanages whether they are registered or not as long as we see the need and are able to meet the need and can see proof of the Organisations work.

Founding Story

Having lived most of my life in Africa, I felt helpless when i saw the needy but could not help them as i basically had enough for myself only. Trvelling to Thailand for my studies did open my eyes and I realised that I am not as helpless as I thought I was and hence declared I would make a stand to try and help society in the way i could and the first option that came to my mind was a clothing line. I had been planning to open a Non Profit aimed at Girls and educating them on Safety and Imagined that when I incorporate the SFG Clothing line it will be a complete package. Having travelled around some parts of the world, i realised that poverty is a global problem and unless we start somewhere we will not achieve anything. It is only that some countries have a better way of concealing the poverty levels than others. I want to help the world in the way i can.