women in technology Uganda

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women in technology Uganda

Kampala, UgandaCanada
Organization type: 
nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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To encourage, inspire more women in the tech field through networking, training, mentoring and partnering so as to increase the number of women in tech

About Project

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lack of gender equality in the technology field in Uganda where women are less interested in joining tech and those that are already in tech are leaving at a fast rate, because of stereo types and lack of access to information and opportunities in technology as the men have. Many women seem less interested from early age of primary and secondary school because they think tis hard and tough only men can handle it. there ratio of men to women in technology is alarming and this tackles all women in Uganda as a whole. lack of women role models in tech in Uganda

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

we offer training to girls that have dropped out of school in both ICT skills and entrepreneurship to offer them a chance at tech, these are one year classes after which we have hackathons and encourage creativity so that they can create their own start ups or we help them find employment we offer a place to meet and network every month for women in the professional tech field and those that would like to join to interact, share experiences and encourage those that want to be part of it and give them mentorship so that they can learn from one another we train women that own SMEs on how to incorporate tech into their businesses to improve on them we train young girls aged 5-13 to encourage and interest them in tech at an early age so that they are not afraid of it being hard as they are told we also have clubs in secondary schools where we meet and encourage young girls of the benefits of tech and how they can be part of it, encourage them to take math and science at school.
Impact: How does it Work

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Our training of girls that have dropped out of school gives these girls a chance at a better life as they are equipped with ICT and entrepreneurship skills, after the course they can go out and find tech related jobs or create jobs for them selves. this has given girls that had no hope for a better future a chance to think and believe that they can do something for themselves, during the training we tackle issues that they face like lack of self esteem, thinking they are below others, and encourage them that they are as good as those that have had a proper education and can even do better. this way they are encouraged to think for themselves and want better living conditions, taking them away from thinking the only way to find money is prostitution or finding a man to marry them(later domestic violence)or deaths due to abuse. we change their thinking through these trainings, give them hope and a longing to do better for themselves. we host hackathons to encourage them to be creative by giving specific themes to think around so that they can create their own start ups which will even help their communities.

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our peers are ladies that are in the professional world of ICT in uganda, ladies at university taking technology courses, girls that ave dropped out of school, secondary school girls, primary school girls and women business owners. our competitors are girl geek kampala which teaches girls to code only. we are different from them because we train from basic computing not just code, we offer entrepreneurship skills to and are going to help these girls find an ncome source after the training is completed.

Founding Story

In My first year at Unvieristy i Volunteered with an orphanage in uganda to offer basic computer training, my students were in their six vacation waiting to join university, and from day one they were interested in learning, and were every excited by what they were learning each day, playing games in the computers, typing and some decided to change there programs they had applied for at university to technology programs, today some are developers and others are designers, this inspired me to know what something small like basic computing can change someone's life significantly, when i trained another group in the same orphanage this time a little younger and told them math and science could help them learn to design video games, most took more interest in class when it was math time, that was the changing moment for me to know that what we think is basic to someone else is try impressive and can cause them to change their life.