Child Abuse

Yayasan Ranah Bagonjong

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The project are about rising the awareness about having the "right" approach for changing life and turn the bad stigma into promising and-bright future, not only by giving them skill to survive economically, but also by allowed them to address their problem psychologically and socially.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Beehive is an initiative that envisions children developed their capacity to express themselves creatively. It wish to provide a venue for convergence of talents and skills. An interactive warehouse in creating solutions on the different issues that confronts children.

Safe School Buses

In Mumbai school buses have to compulsorily install CCTVs. The CCTV feeds are available to respective schools and in some cases police stations and parents. The proposal is to use this existing solution and host this live feed on the web (similar to google traffic). The media can be given a watchdog

Harmony At Home

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Violence and abuse traumatizes a child. A traumatized child cannot learn and has difficulty coping. They show anger and lash out, or they might withdraw. Harmony at Home teaches children and families to communicate, to develop empathy and make safe choices. Together we break the cycle of violence.

Cucharaditas de Alegria

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

El proyecto cucharaditas de alegría consiste en llevar a escuelas públicas y hospitales presentaciones gratuitas de arte, ya sean espectáculos de títeres, teatro, dibujo pintura etc. Se pretende llegar a las poblaciones excluidas, pero sobre todo a niños y niñas que están en hospitales y escuelas