Child Abuse

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Young girls; because of social stigma, are often seen as inferior, which can lead to a sense of worthlessness and low self-esteem. Enhance works to help overcome these issues through sessions of martial arts and creative arts. These sessions help them to become productive and lower school dropout.



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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

La défense,la protection et l’éducation des filles. Leur développement personnel et leur épanouissement est notre mission.Le combat de Matumaini et de faire de ces orphelines et victimes de violences sexuelles,des femmes instruites, des mères éduquées capable de prendre leur avenir en main.

Tren de la Libertad

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

FUNDECOM, referente en la promoción y defensa de los Derechos Humanos de Niñez, Adolescencia y Mujeres, a traves de estretegias y metodologias ludicas-atractivas que dan voz a los que no son escucahados. Procesos que requieren fortalecer y avanzar en el pleno goce de sus derechos humanos.


- A BarnkraftsHus is a house for the prevention and strengthening efforts to combat sexual abuse and sexual harassment of children and young people. A house for children and young people and where we work for a secure future and upbringing.
- A BarnkraftsHus have many winners. The kids especially
- A BarnkraftsHus is a long-term preventive investment for all children to be given the opportunity and tools to handle a vulnerable situation.

Alia2 Foundation

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Alia2Foundation defends the rights of minors in Internet. Our objective is to join efforts from the public sector, private sector and society, bringing together the actions and interests of all parties involved in stemming this flood.We face the problem of the vulnerability of minors on the internet

Safety Line Association

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Safety Line provide wide range of service for children and sometimes adults in difficult situation. The level of professional service is on highest level and we do cooperate with similar organisations across the Europe. We-consultants love our work and do maximum to get the best to our clients.


It is a project is about the sensitization of the society of Heraklion about bullying and the elimination of such incidents within the social context. It is a structured process aimed at microsystem and microsystem as well. It also has to distinct levels - information and intevention.