Child Abuse

Justice For Children

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Each child must be protected by preserving his or her identity, and by providing appropriate assistance and protection for children whom are deprived of some or all of the elements of their identity.

JWF focus on protecting children by providing them free legal services and support.

Family Safety Project


We engage the Justice System and social services to develop a customized intervention plan which balances safety of women and children while understanding and respecting their culture. The goal of the program is to hinder the escalation of family violence and placement of children in foster

Alive and Load

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Connect domestic violence survivors and professionals of similar social economic backgrounds with community groups and schools in the GTA. Discuss violence before it happens, arm young people with the information, support and understanding to acknowledge violent relationships and seek help.


hybrid is common citizen's answer to the scourge of missing children in India.
Every year in delhi alone an estimated 900 to 1000+ children go missing.Of this 35 to 40 % are recovered or return on their own.
The rest are lost for ever.
The site is teh ans.

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Abandoned and Abused Children (Boys)

 Runs a home for boys who have been orphaned, abandoned or come from very disadvantaged backgrounds, a school for children up to Grade 5 and provides after school education for 4000 deprived children across 100 deprived areas of Bangalore. 



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