Child labor

Maria Mother of Charity Relief Home

An indeginous charity which is innovative and supportive to its local communities. It is self-sustaining and selfless. it is dependant on its local ideas and involves the communities in all its dealings. This charity has no dependancy on donor funds and it has been helping the needy since 2003 out of its own funds, very rare of today's charity organisation.



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Una campaña de alfombras deja su marca en la industria del trabajo infantil

Una etiqueta y un número de serie en alfombras confeccionadas en India, Nepal y Pakistán hacen la diferencia en la lucha contra el trabajo infantil. Desde su implementación, 3.000 niños han sido rescatados de fábricas para ofrecerles educación, capacitación vocacional y rehabilitación.

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Uma Campanha de Tapetes Deixa sua Marca na Indústria do Trabalho Infantil

Desde sua criação em 1994, a Fundação RugMark vem trabalhando para ter os seus selos de certificação –  contendo o emblema azul e vermelho da RugMark – em todos os tapetes produzidos na Índia, Nepal e Paquistão, três países onde a exploração do trabalho infantil é excessiva.

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Une campagne de tapis laisse sa trace dans l´industrie du Travail des Enfants

Une étiquette et un numéro de série sur des tapis confectionnés en Inde, au Népal et au Pakistan sont des repaires dans la lutte contre le Travail des Enfants. Depuis sa mise en place, 3 000 enfants ont été sauvés des fabriques pour les rééduquer et leur offrir éducation et une formation professionnelle.

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A Rug Campaign Leaves its Mark on the Child Labor Industry

From her studio in Albuquerque, NM, Joan Weissman designs vibrant, ornate rugs that are woven by hand with wool and fine silk. With each collection and customized design, her creations go from pencil sketches to authentic bodies of work that are crafted and shipped to the United States by artisans in Nepal. Attached to each imported rug is a little label with a traceable serial number that serves as proof that Weissman’s rugs were made by the hands of skilled craftsman, not by the tiny hands of children.